Three Ways To Style Your Boyfriend’s Shirt

Hello people, it’s time for another style post and this one has something to do with both sexes. Ladiessss, have you ever found yourself in a dilemma on what to wear?? I know you have. Well, next time you can’t figure out what to wear and time is of the essence, go to your boyfriend, husband or brother’s closet and choose a shirt. 

Note: this only works when your boyfriend or brother wears a size bigger than you do. 

This shirt belongs to my brother now he knows I raid his closet hahaha. I chose this outfit as one of my birthday shoot fits. During the shoot, I thought of several ways I could style this shirt and decided to make a style post out of it. 

I came up with three looks and took some street style photos. Find the looks below;


Here, I’m wearing the shirt exactly as it should be worn with the sleeves folded in three times. This look is perfect for date night, a birthday dinner or lunch with friends.


Here, I switched the shirt up to a crop top by loosening three buttons and tying it in the middle. This look is perfect for the day time. You can also ditch the heels for sneakers or flats.


Here, I turned the shirt to an off shoulder shirt. It’s also perfect for date night or time with the girls.

Which of the looks are you going to try??? 

OUTFIT DETAILS: Shirt~ My brother’s closet | Jeans ~ Zara |Shoes ~ @missguided sourced through @slmsignature

Thanks for reading.

Mariam Shittu

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Hi, my name is Mariam Shittu and I live in Lagos, Nigeria. I write about my travels, living in Lagos, lifestyle, health and fitness, things that inspire me and poetry. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with the world and nurturing the human mind. Thanks for stopping by!

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