Musings of a Homesick Lady

I’ve been feeling off lately. It seemed like a funk and I waited for it to pass.

My energy is higher, and my days have been brighter, but something still feels missing. Every day feels the same even though they aren’t really the same because things happen differently. I don’t wake up at the same time and definitely don’t take a shower or eat at exactly the same time. I don’t work on the same things, or write similar posts, but the days still feel the same.

One week turned to two weeks, and now I’m in the third week. I’ve been doing everything I usually do to snap back to reality. I think I’m back to reality, but my reality is just too bleak for it to be my reality.

Today, I finally concluded that I’m homesick. I’m homesick for a place that exists inside me. I’ve been there before and I want to go back.

  • Where my days don’t feel the same.
  • Where my heart is beaming with joy.
  • Where my creativity elevates my mood.
  • Where my evening walks keep me recharged.
  • Where conversations keep me entertained.
  • Where music heals me.
  • Where I feel loved and give it too.
  • Where I live with hope and cherish each day.
  • Where I’m fulfilled in every way and in everything.
  • Where I’m confident that my dreams will come true.
  • Where I’m at peace.

I miss home and I’m currently working on myself to get back there.

Mariam Shittu


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3 thoughts on “Musings of a Homesick Lady

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  1. Everything and more are here already hun
    God will grant you direction and make your path clearer.Amen🙏🙏🙏🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

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