POEM| I Forgive Myself

I forgive myself
for believing you

for trusting you
for ignoring the signs
for the many times I let you back in

I’m proud of myself
for realizing that you’re not worth
my energy, my time and my love

Mariam Shittu

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  1. In the scar only a tear could cleave, I bleed inside this infinity chanel has weaved
    I stand underneath the rain of mascara streaks, I know forever stands in-between
    Have you ever thirsted for heaven after centuries of fallen within a spiralling heat?
    I don’t think you know the numbness slowly growing is a malaise bittersweet
    I come, and then go again, to arrive once more at a scene of wondering aimlessly

    What is the price of gambling with your peace, I know this all too intimately
    Grasped the air with fingers at thoughts only of the you now just out of reach
    The calls unanswered are of a hell clasped in the whiting iron of chattering teeth
    Her tears were the tumbling of stars being extinguished on the coldest street
    When did I get to be with this callousness of talons and wings for the one I glean?

    You’re like the air I erred on wasted dialing for tones that’ll never be a moment before click
    Can you miss even the mundaneness of things, the twang idled until you remembered it?
    I could steal and leave lingerings of a phantom pain, the ambrosia from a lover’s lips tastes
    How do you forget the look of the ethereal shattering in planes of colour, now pal eass traces

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