The Importance of Rest & 5 Tips To Help You Rest

When was the last time you took a break?

According to the CDC, an adult (18-60years) needs between seven to nine hours of sleep per night to function at their best. Good sleep is just as important as exercising or eating well to maintain optimal health and well-being. However, the reality is that most adults don’t get up to seven hours of sleep each night.

While juggling life and work, it’s hard for most people to get enough rest before work the next day. I personally can’t remember the last time I had up to nine hours of sleep at a stretch. Even on a weekend or a day off, my body wakes me up because I wake up early during the week.

Unfortunately, I’m one of the unlucky people that don’t fall asleep quickly. I’ve struggled with inadequate sleep and insomnia throughout my adult life. So, even when it’s bedtime and the lights are off, and I’m in a cosy position, I still have to toss and turn and wait before sleep comes.

Though the average adult does not get enough sleep at night (because of adulting), it’s important to rest or take breaks for our health. Lack of rest leads to burnout which can be disastrous to our health.

When we rest, our energy is restored.

If you’ve been taking rest for granted, check out the five tips below to help you do better.

  • Take naps: If you have some free time during the day, try a power nap. It helps to relax you and leaves you feeling rejuvenated.
  • Have a Static Bedtime: Having a fixed bedtime makes it easier for your body to rest and ensures you get the hours you need to feel good the next day. If you use an iPhone, you can set a bedtime on your phone and you’re alerted some minutes before it. I’m sure other devices have this feature too.
  • Use Your Paid Time Off: If you’re one of those people that never take leave from work, STOP IT. Taking a break from work is good for you. Apply for your leave today to rest and improve your productivity.
  • Use Your Break Time: Are you on this table? You don’t use break time while at work, you don’t stop to eat or catch up on social media. Stop it!!! Take a break from work during work hours. Grab a drink; go for lunch; take a walk around; gist with your colleague; listen to music. It helps to clear your mind and improves your creative thinking.
  • Indulge in Your Guilty Pleasure: We all have different things that help us relax. Once a week (or as often as you need it), indulge in it. For some it’s Netflix. For others, it’s video games; board games; baking; cooking; writing, etc. Take a break by doing what eases your mind and makes you happy. Your body will thank you for it.

Remember to always take care of yourself.

Mariam Shittu

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