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How I Walked Over 10000 Steps For 25 Days

Walking 10000 steps is not a new thing to me. Since I owned my first fitness watch (a Fitbit) in 2016, I’ve known about counting steps and have tried to walk up to 10000 steps off and on since then. However, I had never been committed to doing this for an extended period of time.

I signed up to join Step for June at the end of May. Step for June was a group of people committed to taking a minimum of 10000 steps in the month of June. Activities in the group kicked off on the 1st of June, but we didn’t start stepping until the 6th of June.

The rules were simple;

At the beginning of a new day, a leaderboard is posted in the group with everyone’s step count from the previous day. I thought I was a very competitive person, but by the second day, I realized that my competition energy isn’t “very”. When I saw people posting 16000 steps then 32000 steps, I backed down.

The highest steps ever recorded was 70000 steps. Initially it was 30k, then it became 33k, then 40k then 50k. The competition was fierce and people kept beating their personal bests.

I’m proud to say I walked over 10000 steps for 25 days. My personal best was 15521 steps on the 27th of June. On some days, I almost didn’t make it, but the fear of owing push-ups or coming last pace on the leaderboard motivated me. I worked out every single day for 25 days with no rest days.

Step for June stretched my endurance and determination and I’m glad I got to experience this.

What’s the highest number of steps you’ve ever walked in a day?

Mariam Shittu

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