Talk To Me

You're close yet so far away I can tell something is wrong but you haven't said anything talk to me, tell me what's on your mind

POEM| 3am Thoughts

Have you ever thought of putting a pistol in your mouth? 
I won’t lie  
I’ve thought about holding a gun 
a bit too much 
I should probably tell someone

I Wonder

I wonder if crunchy nut is still your favorite cereal and if you still drink vodka straight from the bottle. 
I wonder if you still stay on the phone for hours talking to your family and if you still stay on the phone till you fall asleep.

Let’s Talk About Guys

Lets talk about guys let’s talk about the things we don’t talk about or choose to forget just because we don’t feel comfortable letting our stories out Lets talk about guys the ones who won’t commit who will rather have you in their corner but are not ready to go all the way

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