POEM| I Don’t Know Why

I don’t know what it is about you
but you got me
you got me good
like never before

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Short Poems About Love – VOL #5

It’s almost February 14th, and love is definitely in the air. Are you excited for Valentine’s Day or tired of the noise already?

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POEM| This Kind Of Love

I want a love
that lights up my life

that asks questions
and believes the answers

that listens to understand
and remembers when necessary

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POEM| True Love

It isn’t crushing
It isn’t confusing
It isn’t assuming
It isn’t misleading

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POEM| I Promise

I’ve said 
the words 
“I promise”

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POEM|Stuck On You

I’m stuck on you 

I think of you all the time 

I can’t get you out of my mind 

I want to call 

I want to talk to you

but I wouldn’t 

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