Words of Affirmation (For Relationships)

When one of your partner’s love languages is words of affirmation, you better get talking. Words mean everything to them and they want you to use your words to love up on them.

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Is He Emotionally Unavailable or Just Unbothered?

I didn’t care much for emotional unavailability until I had to look it up on Google recently. And you know, for me to research it, it was because I felt like maybe someone was emotionally unavailable for me.

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10 Signs You’re Sprung

Being sprung is when you’re so infatuated with one person that you feel almost as though you’re in love with them, yet you can’t quite define it as love.

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Waiting On Love To Find Me

It usually begins slow
till you start talking everyday
the early morning messages
and phone calls for hours 
you become friends first
then you start thinking of what should come next

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POEM|Stuck On You

I’m stuck on you 

I think of you all the time 

I can’t get you out of my mind 

I want to call 

I want to talk to you

but I wouldn’t 

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POEM|Tell Me The Truth

Don’t tell me what sounds nice
Tell me the truth

Don’t tell me you love me
Show me you do

Don’t tell me you want me
Show me you can’t survive without me

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POEM|New Love

I love new love Nothing else matters, Temporarily. Mariam Shittu photo credit

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POEM|It’s Time

It’s time To start feeling again With a leap of faith It’s time To start being me Without you by my side It’s time To let go of the anger That has consumed my being It’s time To look beyond With you in my heart It’s time To stop asking questions That no one can […]

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In You

In You I found purpose You made me dream again In You I found hope You made me believe again In You I found comfort You made me feel safe again In You I found beauty You made me see again In You I found joy You made me want to live again In You […]

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