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Tag: relationship

Waiting On Love To Find Me

It usually begins slow
till you start talking everyday
the early morning messages
and phone calls for hours 
you become friends first
then you start thinking of what should come next

POEM|Stuck On You

I’m stuck on you 

I think of you all the time 

I can’t get you out of my mind 

I want to call 

I want to talk to you

but I wouldn’t 

POEM|Tell Me The Truth

Don’t tell me what sounds nice
Tell me the truth

Don’t tell me you love me
Show me you do

Don’t tell me you want me
Show me you can’t survive without me

POEM|New Love

I love new love Nothing else matters, Temporarily. Mariam Shittu photo credit

Time Capsule

I want to go back
And change things
To a new life
With no worries

Going The Distance 

As the clock ticks
And the crickets sing

As the days pass
And my needs rise

As my heart aches
And my eyes bleed

POEM|Aye Aye Sister!

Sister, sister

In you, I found a best friend
In you, I found a twin
In you, I found a soulmate

POEM|You Don’t Know Me

Do you know me
I know you don’t…

Can you guess what I’m thinking
I bet you can’t… 

I am smiling and laughing
But I am unhappy on the inside…