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The Kind of Woman You Should Aspire To Be

Be a woman who is tough but also kind
Be a woman who is strong, brave and fierce
Be a woman who embraces the pace of her journey

Musings of a PMS Afflicted Woman

In bed but I can’t sleep. I check the time and it’s 2:00am. My legs ache like I ran all day and I’m feeling hot from the inside. The heat is so much it’s starting to transcend outside my body even though the air conditioning is on and I’m right underneath it.

POEM| She is Woman

She is a boss
She is a home maker
She is a remarkable staff
She continues to prove them wrong
though she is perceived weaker

Finding My Way

I’m just a girl
who is trying to find her way
in this hard world

Short Poems About Determination

Happy hump day!!! I hope your week is going okay. This is a compilation of five short poems about determination. I hope they inspire you to believe more in yourself and do something amazing with that belief.