IWD 2022: Celebrating Women Through Poetry

I wrote five poems this year to celebrate women's day and women's history month.

Can I Walk in Peace?

Since I came out of the compulsory fourteen days quarantine period for recent travellers, I've been going for walks around my neighbourhood instead of driving all the way to the Lekki/Ikoyi bridge. I still get my 5km in but I've been unable to take a walk alone in peace.

Musings of a PMS Afflicted Woman

In bed but I can't sleep. I check the time and it's 2:00am. My legs ache like I ran all day and I'm feeling hot from the inside. The heat is so much it's starting to transcend outside my body even though the air conditioning is on and I'm right underneath it.

I am Woman

I am strong I am powerful I can do anything I am woman I teach I lead I impact I am woman I nurture I protect I mentor I am woman I'm a cleaner I'm a cook I'm a doctor I am woman I'm invisible I'm unappreciated I'm belittled I am woman I am unfailing... Continue Reading →

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