POEM| Broken

I tend to push people away
people that care for me
people that want to hear from me
people that want to be around me

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12 Quotes About Life I’m Loving Right Now

1. You’re never alone. People tend to lighten the load. It’s okay to share or ask for help.

2. You can’t be strong all the time. So cry whenever you need to. It helps.

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POEM| Weird

You’re weird
I’m weird too
It’s weird that we’re both weird
And I don’t even know who’s weirder

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POEM| Are You Happy Now?

Are you happy now
That we’re barely speaking
And walking on eggshells around each other
Is it better now
That I don’t know how you’re doing

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Do You Know That Moment?

Do you know that moment?

When you’re wondering but not quite sure
When you’re floating but can’t swim yet
When you’re happy but not overjoyed

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Things I Am Not Doing This Week

I am not going to put other people’s feelings before mine.
I am not holding conversations I don’t want to be a part of.
I am not getting involved in other people’s businesses.

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