My Dream

I want to forge ahead

and be the leader of a pack
I want to change the world 

one victory at a time

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POEM|You #2

You make me look for the rainbow in a thunderstorm
You make me look for stars in the sky on a sunny day

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POEM|A Thousand Times

A thousand times, I wondered
about this day.

A thousand times, I prayed
for this moment.

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POEM|Everything Good Will Come

Everything good will come Will it? See I’ve been waiting for everything good since I was a little kid cos everything happening to me was no good struggling through life, getting disappointed every time, waiting for the good though I knew waiting was no-good I share my problems with someone and they say be patient […]

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Short Poems About Love – VOL#1

Hi y’all, I write short poems everyday on my instagram page and not all my poems get featured on my blog but I have decided to change that. This is the first of many short poems compilations. There are five short poems about love in this post. Enjoy!

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POEM|Don’t Stop

You take the plunge 

with a leap of faith 

try something new they said 

so you try 

it doesn’t seem right 

it doesn’t feel right  

it can’t always be your fault

can it? 

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POEM|Inside Me

Something is screaming inside of me
I pause to meditate
to breathe
to reflect 

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POEM|I Love Me

tie me up
hold me down 
wage war on me 
tarnish my name

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