GOING NATURAL: My Skincare Secret

For some time now, I’ve been taking gradual steps into the natural lifestyle. It encompasses a lot and I know I’m still on the surface but I’ve been loving it so far. I call myself a mini naturalista and in this post I’m sharing my skincare secret with you. The secret is that I make... Continue Reading →

I am Woman

I am strong I am powerful I can do anything I am woman I teach I lead I impact I am woman I nurture I protect I mentor I am woman I'm a cleaner I'm a cook I'm a doctor I am woman I'm invisible I'm unappreciated I'm belittled I am woman I am unfailing... Continue Reading →

If We Were Having Tea

Let’s get a bit personal shall we? I try not to make my posts personal and the only time a bit of me reflects in my posts is in my poems. However, in the spirit of trying new things, I’m giving this a shot. I’m a tea lover and I’m always ready to have tea... Continue Reading →

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