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Crepaway Nigeria is a new restaurant in Victoria Island, Lagos. It’s at the same building that was Auto Lounge then Prevada before it became Casper and Gambini’s.  I visited in February 2020 with my friend, T. If I knew this was the last restaurant I’d be able to sit in to eat for a while, I’d have stuffed my face that day.

The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor sitting arrangements. I really like what they did with the space considering that it has been used by other businesses before. There’s a big tree right in the middle of the restaurant and there are enough tables to sit more than 100 people easily. Upstairs houses a sports bar and a terrace sitting set up with a view.

The menu has an array of intercontinental dishes with familiar meal options like quesadillas, nachos, burgers, salads, and pasta. 

We ordered Chicken Wings tossed in buffalo sauce to start and I decided to try the Bocca Crab Sandwich while T chose the Crepaway Club Sandwich.

I really liked the chicken wings. I also like that we were given gloves to take care of the mess. I think I ate 5 out of the 6 pieces we ordered.

When the sandwiches came, I was excited to try mine because it was my first time eating a crab sandwich. However, when I took my first bite, I didn’t taste the crab and I kept searching for the crab through my entire meal. The sandwich was stuffed with mayo whipped veggies which I eventually brought out and ate the baguette plain. T on the other hand said his sandwich tasted like a regular club sandwich. Unfortunately, the fries were basic as well.

We didn’t do desserts but I later found out we should have because apparently, a lot of people come here solely for their dessert meals. I was already discouraged after my sandwich experience so when the waiter came to ask if we were doing desserts, my NO was loud. 


  • Brocca Crab Sandwich ~ 5100
  • Buffalo Wings (6 Piece) ~ 2,400
  • Crepaway Club ~ 5100
  • Soda Water ~  1,000
  • Water ~ 600
    This breakdown excludes VAT & Tax


Crepaway Nigeria is perfect for every kind of restaurant visit because there’s enough space for a party, work meeting, actual work while grabbing a bite, pre-game, or just a regular date. What I loved most about the restaurant is their slogan: “come as you are“, it’s super welcoming. 

I miss eating out and sharing my thoughts with y’all and I hope things get better soon (with covid-19) so that I can do more of this. 

Stay exploring.

Mariam Shittu

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  1. Yay! I’ve missed reading about places in Lagos, so thanks for posting this. Also, before reading the post I thought it would be a dessert place that just sold crepes. The menu is so extensive.

    1. I missed writing them too. I guess the menu was made specifically to fit Nigerians palettes. Hopefully I get to try one of their dessert meals soon.

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