POEM| Unrequited Love

Now, here’s a truth
I hate to admit
I’ve been in the passenger seat
of unrequited love

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POEM| You Win

I know you may be bad for me
but I still crave you
I want to hold you
I want to feel you

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Short Poems About Love – VOL #5

It’s almost February 14th, and love is definitely in the air. Are you excited for Valentine’s Day or tired of the noise already?

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Short Poems About Love – VOL #4

In the spirit of Valentine’s week, I’m back with a fourth of edition of short poems about love.

I don’t care if it’s too early
I know what I feel 
I love you

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POEM| A Piece of Me

Will you take a little piece of me everywhere you go?

It can be my soft voice
Or the way I call your name
It can be my silly laugh
Or the way my smile makes you smile too

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POEM| At All Times

I need you here
for the good times 
and the bad times
the easy times

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