POEM| Baby

I never liked being called “baby”
A baby is a little human that needs someone else to survive
The first time a boyfriend called me “baby”, I hated it
I said “My name is Mariam, and I’m not a “baby”
That didn’t stop him though
I was his baby and that was it
Calling me “baby” seemed normal for him
and after a while, I let him be
I never called him “baby” though
I never told anyone else not to call me “baby” either
I let them call me baby, babe, sunshine, sugar,
whatever made them happy
“Baby” still doesn’t do anything to me,
but I don’t hate it anymore
I don’t see it as special
I see it as familiar
And now, I use it too.
I guess I’ve been initiated
because I say things like “my baby is calling me.”
Wow! Who would have thought I’d refer to a grown man as “baby”
Well, I’m your baby and you’re my baby too

Mariam Shittu

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