WORKCHIC: Ballerina Dress

Today’s style post features a multicolored dress suitable for work and play. Work dresses don’t have to be form fitting all the time, they can also be free and playful like this dress I have on.

The weather in London hasn’t been so bad lately. The sun is scarce, it’s been windy and raining sometimes but not as cold as before so I’ve been able to explore various options.

I paired the dress with a belt and court shoes because I was going for a workchic look. The belt and shoes have been in my closet for some time now but the dress is a new addition.

It’s the kind of dress that doesn’t need any add-ons as it’s already doing a lot for itself so I didn’t bother accessorizing. It just happened that my every day lipstick(Mac velvet teddy) goes so well with the pink on the dress even though it’s nude.

Finding where to take photos of my outfit was a bit of a challenge so I settled with this brown brick walls.

Do you prefer to wear form fitting dresses to work or you mix it up with flattering and playful dresses like this?

Outfit Details;

Dress ~ Asos

Belt ~ Newlook

Shoes ~ Hobbs

Enjoy the weekend!!!

Mariam Shittu

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Hi, my name is Mariam. I write about my style, lifestyle, health and fitness, things that inspire me and poetry. I live in Lagos, Nigeria. I derive pleasure in sharing my knowledge with the world and I plan to publish a book of poetry soon. Thanks for stopping by!

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