My Wonder Woman

She’s in the sun,
the stars and the moon

She’s in the wind,
the heat and the rain

She’s in my thoughts,
my memories and wis

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What Went Wrong

Sitting here, trying to be strong  Wondering, where did it go wrong The late night phone calls And early morning messages The planning for each weekend  And all the places we unwind  The memories we shared And things we discovered together Your funny facial expressions  And the way you made me laugh How we were […]

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Colour Pop

Who doesn’t like colours? In today’s style post, I went vintage. I’m a big a fan of vintage wear from clothes to shoes to hats and even sunglasses. There’s a unique feel to it and the fact that you can have it forever and keep passing it on is just everything! I have on a […]

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POEM|The Rain 

The clouds are shifting moving and forming it’s going to rain flow and pour I like the rain it’s beautiful and exciting I like it’s sound it’s musical and scary Mum says we have to stay indoors it’s wet and cold sitting by the window waiting and watching I love the rain it’s special and […]

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30 Things To Stop Doing To Yourself

1.) Stop Spending Time With The Wrong People.
2.) Stop Running From Your Problems.
3.) Stop Lying To Yourself.
4.) Stop Putting Your Own Needs On The Back Burner.
5.) Stop Trying To Be Someone You’re Not.

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Places in Lagos| Lekki Conservation Centre

I had the pleasure of visiting Lekki Conservation Centre in August. I accompanied my friend on their company visit and I’m glad I decided to tag along. I had heard so much about the place and seen many photos and videos from the canopy walk so I wanted to experience it myself. It was a […]

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PHOTOGRAPHY| Flowers in September 

Happy Hump Day everyone! I thought I had slacked in my passion for photography because from becoming a writer, health and fitness enthusiast and fashionister, I hadn’t had time to take photos of the things I love to photograph most in the world. It’s been amazing discovering several aspects of myself and I’m very grateful […]

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Going The Distance 

As the clock ticks
And the crickets sing

As the days pass
And my needs rise

As my heart aches
And my eyes bleed

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African Artists’ Foundation OOTD

Today’s style post features what I wore to the vintage pop up market at African Artists’ Foundation last Saturday. A crochet top, high waisted pants and sandals.

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