Chase It

It's okay if it scares you 
It's okay if it confuses you 
It's okay if it challenges you 
It's okay if it frustrates you 
It's okay if it fazes you


It takes you to the past forgetting the present 
It makes you relive the happy moments or creates repeated sad moments

How To Slay in Polka Dot

Hi everyone, happy Friday, I hope you’re having a great day. It’s time for a style post and this look features the outfit I wore recently to a paint class at Ocean Basket Restaurant. I intend blogging about what painting for the first time ever was like.

Why, why, why?

Ever wondered... Why Jerry is so smart And Tom so unlucky? Why Bugs Bunny has to say "ehh what's up doc"  every time he wants to communicate? Why Winnie The Pooh's top doesn't go over his belly? Is it a crop top? Why Daffy Duck has a white collar? Why Pinky asks the same question... Continue Reading →

Places in Lagos|Ocean Basket

Have you been to Ocean Basket? You probably have as they have been in Nigeria since 2012 but do you know that they moved to a bigger and better location on Akin Adesola Street recently? Ocean Basket is a seafood restaurant originally South African. It is located in 14 other countries today. I visited the... Continue Reading →

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