How To Slay in Polka Dot

Hi everyone, happy Friday! I hope you’re having a great day. It’s time for a style post and this look features the outfit I wore recently to a paint class at Ocean Basket Restaurant. I intend blogging about what painting for the first time ever was like. My childhood though?!

I was never a fan of loose clothes but I’m beginning to embrace them a lot after I lost some weight. I really don’t know why I was obsessed with fitted clothes but I’m glad I grew out of it. Loose clothes have a different kind of fit that everyone should be happy with just like this polka dot top I have on.


This top isn’t new. I’ve had it for some time but I hadn’t been out much and inspired to wear it. It had also been ironed for weeks😂and hanging in my closet. Do you do that?iron an outfit and keep admiring it until you finally wear it? Please say yes, I can’t be the only weirdo.I love the frill detail on the sleeves and at the bottom, the open back and isn’t it cute how the polka dots change in size at the bottom?!

Fun Fact: only the top lace can be tied and untied. The other two are sewn in.

Pairing a polka dot piece is easy because it has already done most of the work for you. All you need to do is find something that complements it subtly.

A Few Polka Dot Looks

I love how trendy polka dot has been over years and is still. It’s definitely a girly look and a style piece every girl should have in their closet.

I paired my top with my light blue high waisted pants because my other blue pants are big 😭. This meant I had to pull the pants up for photos. I got tired of pulling it though so spot the bulge under my crotch.

In addition, I wore my old but still trendy mules and threw on my black sling purse to complete the look. It was already half past 6 and there was no sun in the sky but I still managed to get decent photos and I decided to make a blog post out of my look.

Are you digging my look?




Thanks for reading.

How many polka dot pieces do you have? I have two tops, a shirt and a dress.

Outfit Details;

Top ~ @slmsignature

Pants ~ H&M

Slippers ~ Marc Fisher

Purse ~ Moschino

Mariam Shittu

24 thoughts on “How To Slay in Polka Dot

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  1. Yay! Style post! .. this is timely because I recently purchased a polka dot top and someone said to me “people still wear those?” .. it’s sitting in my closet UNIRONED lol but I’ve def been actively thinking about what to pair it with. You look chic 💕

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  2. Lol u r d only weirdo dat irons clothes and admires them in their wardrobe 😂😂 I av jst one polka dot dress 😒 and it’s old sef, work dress for dat matter.

    Liked by 3 people

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