Places in Lagos|Ocean Basket

Have you been to Ocean Basket? You probably have as they have been in Nigeria since 2012 but do you know that they moved to a bigger and better location on Akin Adesola Street recently?

Ocean Basket is a seafood restaurant originally South African. It is located in 14 other countries today.

I visited the newly located Ocean Basket recently and it was everything I remembered it to be and more. It wasn’t planned as my friend and I were in search of a restaurant we had never been to but technically I had never been to the new location😊

First off, the new location is easy to identify as it’s on a major road in Victoria Island. When we walked in, we loved the ambiance immediately. We were ushered in and asked where we would like to seat. The restaurant had three sitting areas and we chose to sit upstairs, outdoors. The weather was great, not sunny and not hot either.

Our waiter came to introduce himself almost immediately and gave us menus. He was so professional.


  • Chocolate Shake
  • Long Island Iced Tea
  • Water

Guess who had what?



  • Garlic Bread (two portions)

I decided to go off my healthy eating habit for today and gave in to my bread cravings. Garlic Bread is one of my go-to starters after hummus.



  • Platter for 2(6 mussles, 12 prince prawns, catch of the day, calamari & calamari heads) For the sides, we chose jollof rice and fries.

We knew we wanted a platter (obviously) but we weren’t sure which. The waiter suggested a platter that had a little bit of everything.



The garlic bread was a bit salty which I communicated to the waiter when he asked how it was. He apologized and made mention he was going to inform the kitchen. The platter was yummy and I cleared off all the calamari heads quickly😋☺️. The catch of the day was the best thing on the plate. It was cooked to perfection to describe in a few words. In case you didn’t notice from the photos, the food was a lot and we didn’t finish it.

All in all, we had a great time and our damage was under N25,000.

Will I go back? Absolutely

Thanks for reading.


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