Workchic: In My Colourful Pleated Skirt

Playing dress-up isn’t cool when it’s raining every other day because getting good light to take photos has been really hard. However, I got lucky on a Saturday evening for about an hour when the sun decided to grace us with its presence.

The first pleated skirt that I remember owning was a red checkered skirt. I had a bunch of them but I loved that red one most. I remember wearing it every other day and taking it to Boarding school with me when I got into JS1. It was really short but I wore it twice before I got my uniforms. It always made me feel free and I loved that I could twirl in it.

Fast forward to present times, I don’t own that many pleated skirts but I’m trying to change that. I did a little shopping in June and this multicoloured pleated skirt is one of the items I bought. I was excited about the colours because I don’t have a lot of multicoloured pieces in my closet. My only other pleated skirt is plain and brown, remember it? I wrote about it here, Pretty in Pleat.

Workchic: In My Colourful Pleated Skirt

Styling this skirt wasn’t hard because, with multicoloured pieces, all you need to do is pair them with a piece that is in one of the colours except you’re being adventurous. I was going to go for a pink chiffon blouse but I opted for this powder blue blouse instead to give it a monotone look. The blouse is an oldie, I think I’ve had it since around 2012-2013. I also have it in orange and I still very much wear both of them.

Since it was a workchic look, all I had to do was to pair the look with killer work shoes and a purse to match. I didn’t want to go for an obvious plain coloured shoe (nude or black). I thought why not wear your shoe that has both colours instead and that’s exactly what I did and it turned out great.

Naturally, a black purse was my first choice but I was trying new things and to follow in that line, I dug out my new pink purse. I added a pop of colour on my lip which I haven’t done in some time, to spice up the outfit. To complete the look, I opted for gold accessories. After getting dressed, I rushed out so I wouldn’t lose light.

We managed to get a couple of street shots right before the sunset. Check the rest of the photos out below.

Workchic: In My Colourful Pleated Skirt

Workchic: In My Colourful Pleated Skirt

Workchic: In My Colourful Pleated Skirt

Blouse ~ Charlotte Russe
Skirt ~ Primark
Shoes ~ Primark
Purse ~ Charles and Keith

Have a great week.

Mariam Shittu


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