POEM| I’m Not Fine

I’m not fine
I’m far from fine
I need a break
I need change
I need freedom
But how do I get these things
When one has to work to survive?
I wish I could be a babygirl
but that lifestyle is not for me
I’ve been called a career girl
Because I actually love to work
You know the term onísé
The one who goes over and beyond
The one who doesn’t believe in laziness at work
The one you will love to have on your team
Yeah, that’s me
Challenges and autonomy turn me on
But I’m beginning to wonder
If I can do this forever
I probably would have
If I didn’t find writing
Which brings me tremendous joy
and I can definitely do forever
except it’s not paying my bills

Mariam Shittu

I wrote this about two months ago when I felt stressed, and writing helped clear my head. Today feels like the perfect day to share it.


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