10 Songs On My Playlist You Should Listen To: Naija Edition

1. Omah Lay – Damn
2. Burna Boy – Onyeka (Baby)
3. Rema – Woman
4. Terri – Ojoro
5. Olakira – In My Maserati

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POEM| Only You

When the stars are missing
and the sky is at its darkest
When the rain is pouring
and its sound is deafening

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Talk To Me

You’re close yet so far away
I can tell something is wrong
but you haven’t said anything
talk to me, tell me what’s on your mind

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POEM| You’re Always On My Mind

When the sun comes up

and its light is in my path

When I hear a song I love

and its sweet melody fills my ears

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Merry Christmas!

It’s that time of the year
Yes, Christmas is here
A reminder that the year has gone by
And another year is coming by

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POEM| I Wonder If He Knows

I wonder if he knows I think of him 
I wonder if he knows I pray for him
I wonder if he knows I root for him
And I wonder if he thinks I’m good for him

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POEM| I Don’t Belong Here

deafening music,

clicking glasses,

spilling drinks,

faces I don’t recognize

staring right at me

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