POEM| I am Black

I am black
Black is me
It’s my root and ancestry
It’s the darkness of my skin
And the nappiness of my hair
It paves my way
and announces its presence
when I walk into a room
My story is black
from slavery to bravery
dependence to independence
an impressive trajectory
A representation of freedom
growth and liberation
My black is beautiful
intelligent, confident
prominent and permanent
My black is
Doctors, Lawyers,
Engineers, Analysts,
Consultants, Accountants,
Artists and Writers.
My black is
Teachers, Scientists,
Astronauts, Grammy Winners,
Oscar Winners and Nobel Prize Winners.
My Black is Diplomats, Ministers,
Presidents, and the first Vice-President of The United States.
My black is now and the future.
I love my black
I am black
Black is me

Mariam Shittu


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10 thoughts on “POEM| I am Black

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  1. Beautiful poem. My favorite lines are “My Black is beautiful, intelligent, confident, prominent, and permanent”.. very powerful and needs to said louder for those in the back!

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  2. This is truly awesome. Say it loud… I am Black and I am Proud. Thank you for writing this especially this month that we celebrate Black History. Well done again.

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