POEM|The Rain 

The clouds are shifting
moving and forming
it’s going to rain
flow and pour

I like the rain
it’s beautiful and exciting
I like it’s sound
it’s musical and scary

Mum says we have to stay indoors
it’s wet and cold
sitting by the window
waiting and watching

I love the rain
it’s special and natural
raincoats and rain boots
daytime or night time

I like to play in the rain
running and dancing
it’s fun a lot
till I get caught 

The water from the rain
is refreshing and pure
the plants are fed
the earth is happy

I love the rain
and all it brings
there’s nothing compared
to it’s wonder and existence

Written by Mariam Shittu

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Hi, my name is Mariam. I write about my style, lifestyle, health and fitness, things that inspire me and poetry. I live in Lagos, Nigeria. I derive pleasure in sharing my knowledge with the world and I plan to publish a book of poetry soon. Thanks for stopping by!

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