PHOTOGRAPHY| Flowers in September 

Happy Hump Day everyone! I thought I had slacked in my passion for photography because from becoming a writer, health and fitness enthusiast and fashionister, I hadn’t had time to take photos of the things I love to photograph most in the world.

It’s been amazing discovering several aspects of myself and I’m very grateful for that but I think I need to dedicate a post once a month for photography on Wednesdays. So hopefully this post will be the first of many. I have only two posts on photography so far; Appreciating Nature and Photos & Me and I believe they aren’t enough.

I’m also dealing with lack of space issues on my icloud and I’ve been having to delete my least liked photos and moved some as well. I think I’m just gonna have to buy space so I don’t mistakenly delete photos I still want.

Okay, I had the opportunity of visiting a home over the weekend that had so many plants around it. The plants had flowers blooming and how beautiful the white flower was struck me. So of course, I brought out my phone and the photo session started.







Aren’t these just beautiful??? They were all taken with my iPhone.

P.S I’m still saving for my DSLR camera.

Mariam Shittu