Colour Pop

Who doesn’t like colours? In today’s style post, I went vintage. I’m a big a fan of vintage wear from clothes to shoes to hats and even sunglasses. There’s a unique feel to it and the fact that you can have it forever and keep passing it on is just everything!

I have on a multicolored vintage blouse and dark blue high waisted denim paired with a mustard purse and clear sandals with a touch of pink.

I bought the blouse and purse from Vintageweare, a vendor at the vintage pop up market at African Artists’ Foundation I mentioned in my last style post. They had so many nice prints, long and short sleeve like the one I have on and mum jeans, purses and pants. I managed to buy only two items and I don’t know how I did it because I wanted so many other things😂. The blouse cost only 3,500naira. Amazing right? I know!!!

I chose this blouse because of it’s colours and details. I fell in love with the patterns and prints after searching their stack for some time. Not buying the purse was not even on my mind because I was in awe that it’s made in Nigeria and it has a perfect finishing. The only decision I had to make regarding the purse was the colour and I’m glad I went with mustard.

In my photos below, I’m showing you different ways I styled my blouse with my denim pants. I made better attempts at my poses because I figured out that being comfortable is key. As soon as I relaxed, I had a great time posing.

Outfit Details;

Blouse ~ @vintageweare_

Pants ~ Topshop

Sandals ~ Liliana

Purse ~ @vintageweare_

Check @vintageweare_ on IG for fabulous pieces and tell them I sent you.

Have a good weekend.

Mariam Shittu

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Hi, my name is Mariam Shittu and I live in Lagos, Nigeria. I’m a poet, but I also write about my travels, places in Lagos, my lifestyle and things that inspire me. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with the world and nurturing the human mind. Thanks for stopping by!

18 thoughts on “Colour Pop

  1. You look so lovely. Can’t really figure out the one I prefer the most. I like the one where the shirt was down, but I also liked the one where you tucked it in and the one that was tied as well.
    I also liked the color combo.

    Lovely outfit Mariam 😊

    Liked by 2 people

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