POEM|The Little Things

I didn’t appreciate the little things before... the sound of your voice or how I was always your choice; being at peace all the time and knowing I had you full time; being your handyman and how I was always on your mind; all the things about you I lost not wanting to Now I’m … Continue reading POEM|The Little Things

Sweet & Spicy Tropical Cleanse

Are you in need of a healthy but yummy drink that will satisfy your sugar cravings? then keep reading. I make my own smoothies as much as possible and I’ve tried different kinds but this particular one awakened all my tastebuds. It was sweet, hot and spicy and I had to blog about it to … Continue reading Sweet & Spicy Tropical Cleanse

10 Truths About Life I Wish I knew Earlier

There are so many things I know now I wish I knew earlier but life is a learning process and we can’t know everything at once. Today, I’m sharing 10 truths about life I wish I knew earlier; 1. Self love and appreciation is important and necessary before you can truly love someone else. You … Continue reading 10 Truths About Life I Wish I knew Earlier

Pretty in Pleat

If you’re making a list of fashion pieces that will never go out of style, you will definitely include a camisole in that list. I love camisoles. They are comfy, easy to wear and every girl has a few of them. How to Look Stylish For Less-Camisole This post however is about my pretty pleated … Continue reading Pretty in Pleat

25 Things That Make Me Happy

This post is about the simple things that make me happy. Happiness is anything we make it out to be because we have power over what makes us happy or sad. Now, before I get all serious with y'all, this is a fun post 😃. I’m sharing 25 things that make me happy to make … Continue reading 25 Things That Make Me Happy

Places in Lagos| An Afternoon at Café Jade

Hi, hope your week has been great so far? mine has been normal and I’m waiting for something different to spice it up. Last week, I had a lunch meeting at Cafe Jade. Cafe Jade is located in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos and it was my first time here. I had been looking forward to … Continue reading Places in Lagos| An Afternoon at Café Jade

Loose Fit in Crop Top & Wide Legged Pants

Hi y'all, Happy Easter! Hope you had a good easter celebration. We've been waiting for this holiday since last year because its always a long holiday. The kind everyone prays for (Thursday to Monday) and it was nice having everyone at home on the weekdays. I did a lot of cooking and feeding but thank … Continue reading Loose Fit in Crop Top & Wide Legged Pants