Places in Lagos| An Afternoon at Café Jade

Hi, hope your week has been great so far? mine has been normal and I’m waiting for something different to spice it up. Last week, I had a lunch meeting at Cafe Jade. Cafe Jade is located in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos and it was my first time here. I had been looking forward to taking my own photo behind the famous carpet grass wall below.

It was a hassle locating the restaurant because there’s no indication outside the building. I finally found it after circling the road twice. I must admit, I expected something bigger upon arrival because of everything I had seen online. I quickly warmed up to the cozy vibe and beautiful space though when I walked in. I couldn’t resist taking a few photos.

Free wifi is always a plus so I got my laptop out and started some work. I actually wrote the poem Confessions during this meeting. The vibe of the café got me out of a block I had for days. I was meeting up with a friend so I ordered a berry juice to break my water fast while I waited.

After about an hour, we decided to order quick bites because we weren’t hungry and we weren’t ready to leave either. We had lollipop wings, french fries and sweet potato fries which came at the time stated by the waiter. The wings were interesting as they were really lollipopy.

We later discovered they have a 15% happy hour between 2-7 and I made a mental note to come back during this time (it’s not the Yoruba in me, I promise).

We later ordered two tea to end a nice afternoon of brainstorming, rubbing minds and hopefully making money. Our total damage was under N10,000 and if I remember correctly, the prices on the menu were very fair.

The service was great and I’m definitely coming back here.

Do pretty and cozy cafes make your writing flow??

To discovering new places.

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