A Strange World

we live in a strange world
don’t we?

we can like something someone loathes
and also despise something someone adores

we dream about something other people will never wish for
and also reject what other people hope for

we laugh at something someone doesn’t find amusing
and think it’s absurd when someone laughs at something we find boring

we wear clothes other people will not be caught dead in
and also detest clothes other people consider their favourite

we do things the way we feel they should be done
and hate the way other people do things

we learn something someone is uninterested in
and also can’t be bothered about something someone else is passionate about

we say things the way we seem fit which may get people annoyed
and also get irritated when people say things we don’t agree with

we like someone who doesn’t like us
and ignore someone who seems to care about us

We live in a strange world
don’t we?

Mariam Shittu

P.S Have a great week.

6 thoughts on “A Strange World

  1. It’s even stranger when you have a love-hate relationship with something or someone. It’s almost better to just pick one side.

  2. A very strange world especially that last bit; not liking someone who likes us. I’ve never understood why the world works that way.

  3. Very strange indeed… my sister is a 6 eating to be a 14. I’m a 14 dying to be a 6 literally.😂.
    The world is strange but I think that’s what makes it so beautiful.

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