POEM| No Heart

What if I had no heart... 
I probably wouldn't be alive 
I wouldn't know love 
I wouldn't know pain

Merry Christmas

I do not have a tree at home nor did I open presents this morning I did not eat turkey nor did I wear a new party dress but I have my loved ones around me everywhere is beautiful, lit and merry with joy and lots of laughter  everything is perfect and everyone is present ... Continue Reading →

I Wonder

I wonder if crunchy nut is still your favorite cereal and if you still drink vodka straight from the bottle. 
I wonder if you still stay on the phone for hours talking to your family and if you still stay on the phone till you fall asleep.


Why do I find it difficult to fall asleep, but you sleep immediately your head touches the pillow 
Why do I read a book for three days and it still looks brand new, but you read it for the same amount of days and it looks a year old

Missing You

As days turn to weeks and weeks to months, 
my heart is still heavy and trying to heal 
Every day is another day without you 
and though I've come to accept that,

Travel| Three Restaurants, Three Countries

When you travel, it’s normal to explore unfamiliar food. Well, it’s normal for me because I like to try new things. This post is about three different restaurants I visited in three different countries(Kenya, Canada and The United Kingdom) and all the food I/we ate. •Moxie’s Classic Grill •Peggy Porschen •Carnivore

Workchic : Neon Vibes

Just like the blazer dress was a thing of the 80s, neon too was.  I stayed clear of neon like most people do for a long time but I bought my first neon piece in 2016. Since then, I’ve only added more of them to my closet. When you wear neon colours, be ready for... Continue Reading →

I Hope You Know

I hope you know that you can do achieve anything in this world; you just have to dream it, believe it and work for it.
 I hope you know that you are not on earth by accident; you were created to achieve greatness. 

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