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Ofada Boy came on my radar last year. I was happy to see a cool restaurant in Surulere but I was sad that one finally opened when I no longer lived there. I had wondered when I was going to visit this restaurant I always see on Instagram but I never made plans to. Last month, I met up with my friend Lolade in Surulere because I had a prior engagement there and that’s how I finally stopped by Ofada Boy for lunch. Good thing Lolade had never been there too so it was a first time experience for both of us.

On arrival, the place was packedddd, we found parking with the help of a security official and we went inside. Every seat we saw outside was occupied and we wondered if we would have to wait to be seated. I loved the vibe and decor and I used this time to get some photos taken. It’s not fancy and it’s not local but it’s somewhere in the middle of both. After a few minutes,  we were ushered inside by one of the waiters because there was no seating outside.

We had seven variations of Ofada meals to choose from and I was surprised to see that Ofada wasn’t the only food on the menu. The lightning didn’t really work in my favour but I still took photos of the menu.

I ordered Ofada Royale and Lolade ordered Seafood Ofada. We also ordered a serving of palm wine and a bottle of water. The food came about ten minutes after we placed our orders and we were already stepping down with the palm wine. It was really smooth and sweet if you must know (lol).
Ofada Royale
Seafood Ofada

My meal didn’t last fifteen minutes but Lolade took her time. She has never been a fast eater and watching her finish her food reminded me of our university days in the cafeteria or at huskies (only Unilag alumni will get this).

Seafood Ofada ~ 3500
Ofada Royale ~ 2900
Palmwine ~ 1000
Bottled Water ~ 200

Since I’m always honest, it wasn’t the best ofada rice and sauce combination I’ve ever had but it was good. I think it’s nice to have a budget-friendly restaurant in Surulere and I plan to bring my sisters here when next they’re on holiday in Nigeria to experience Ofada Boy.

I hope this post becomes the first of many more places in Lagos post featuring restaurants on the mainland.

Mariam Shittu


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