Through The Storm 

The loss of her boyfriend
Made her fear for her life
She was on the run
For she knew she was next

The book meant to save the day
Made her a bigger prey
She had to leave the hood
For it caused more harm than good

You can see she is suffering
By taking one look in her eyes
Deep in pain and sorrow
She took someone’s life

Joined the rival cartel
With the aim to rise to the top
Her courage was her crown
For she will not back down

She did as asked and
Moved up in the ranks
Without concern for her fears
For she will take what is hers

The queen of the south
Has claimed the throne
Though her tenure was short
For her desire bore death 

For everything we do in life
There’s a price to pay
Good or bad
It will always find its way

Written by Mariam Shittu

I’ve been watching Queen of The South and I got inspired to write this. I’m sharing Teresa Mendoza’s story with a little extra of how I think it will end. 

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