Unwanted Desire

The desire that runs deep within you to want what can’t possibly be yours that feels close but yet so far away

Back To You

I'm lost 
and I can't find my way back
 in the middle of the ocean   
and I can't seem to find the shore
 I'm starting to hear my heart race
 as I go over my journey

Workchic: Wrap Blazer Dress 

The wrap dress trend has been taking over for sometime now and in July, I copped this beautiful pink and black blazer wrap dress with frill bottom at a closet sale. When I spotted it, I was watching the last season of How To Get Away With Murder at the time and I immediately imagined... Continue Reading →

Embrace Growth

Has part of your nail ever broken and you try to protect it from breaking any further? Then you treat your finger like an egg to protect the nail. Is it so that maybe it won't keep breaking or you think that by some form of magic it won’t be broken anymore??

If We Were Having Tea #3

If we were having tea, I’ll have the biggest smile on my face because it’ll be a dream come true. I’ll take lots of photos to remember this moment and keep them close to me forever. I’ll then hold your hand in mine and tell you everything that has happened since you’ve been away.

Let’s Talk About Guys

Lets talk about guys let’s talk about the things we don’t talk about or choose to forget just because we don’t feel comfortable letting our stories out Lets talk about guys the ones who won’t commit who will rather have you in their corner but are not ready to go all the way

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