Let’s Talk About Guys

Lets talk about guys

let’s talk about the things we don’t talk about

or choose to forget

just because we don’t feel comfortable

letting our stories out

Lets talk about guys

the ones who won’t commit

who will rather have you in their corner

but are not ready to go all the way

who are ready to make you their plus one

whenever necessary

and cock block you when another guy

tries to talk to you

Lets talk about guys

the ones who enjoy being with you in private

but act like they aren’t with you in public

who tell you they aren’t ready

to share you with the world

but are ready to do whatever undercover

Lets talk about guys

the ones who don’t listen

just because we are in room

does not mean I want to have sex

Stop trying, it’s tiring

My no means no and i mean it

Lets talk about guys

the married ones

you see me and you want me

and you automatically believe you can have me

by telling me you will spoil me

and take care of me

like I told you I needed taking care of

Lets talk about guys

the ones who feel entitled

just because they have their father’s money

to do as they please

who don’t know how to treat a lady

talk less of how to love

Lets talk about guys

the ones who see you out 

and act like they don’t know you

but slide into your DM and say

hey mami, you look so good in that dress

how you doing

or the ones who feel

they need to hold your waist

to pass by you at the club

Lets talk about the guys

because they need to

know how we feel about all this

Mariam Shittu

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