When I’m flying, my favourite seat is by the window. I always check-in early enough to choose the window seat if I’m not automatically assigned one. Whenever I don’t get a window seat, I never really enjoy the flight.

I love to look out the window to see the sky and also take photos of the amazing sightsI asked my instagram followers through a poll last month if I should share my collection, and everyone that voted, voted yes. It took some time for me to compile these photos because though they may look similar, they are all different and I had to cut them down to 20.

The photos below were taken between 2016 – 2018. Enjoy!!!!
I have watched several sunrises and sunsets while up in the sky
lights will guide you home…
guess where? pretty easy.

I think I’m obsessed with the clouds, they look so beautiful up in the sky…
looks like the clouds were falling…
This is one of my favourites

The BLUE up there cannot be compared to anything…

That’s all folks!!!

When next you’re up in the sky, try taking a photo or two. They make great wallpapers.

I think I could make a living out of this, what do you think???

Mariam Shittu