Why do I find it difficult to fall asleep, but you sleep immediately your head touches the pillow

Why do I read a book for three days and it still looks brand new, but you read it for the same amount of days and it looks a year old

Why do I clean up as I cook, but the kitchen is always a mess every time you cook

Why do I always have to agree with your opinion, but you don’t even care to listen to mine when the roles are reversed

Why do you find it easy to throw a party every week even if you can’t afford it, but I really don’t like having a party and hosting people

Why do I find it easy to make all your problems mine, but you can’t make only one of my problems yours

Why do I love a clean and tidy environment, but you don’t mind everywhere being scattered

Why do I find it easy to say I’m sorry when I’ve done you wrong, but you find it hard to utter the same words because you can’t seem to do no wrong

Why do you ask how I’m doing everyday but you are not ready to listen when I say I’m not fine


I’m only asking.

Mariam Shittu

Feel free to add yours. Just for fun!

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