Questions That Keep Me Up At Night

This post is a mini rant, but that’s why I love blogging because I can post whatever I’m feeling up here.

As much as I’m thankful that this year has been good, what am I saying? this year has been great. So many amazing things have happened, and it’s just April. I’m sure the rest of the year is going to be just as exciting and revealing. Some days still feel like a drag or a blur though, and I can’t shake them. I know it’s expected because life is a total package (the good, the bad, and the ugly).

Every night, when I’m going over the day’s events, questions I have unanswered pop up in my head, and I try to answer them. Sometimes, I fall asleep while trying to, and sometimes, I find a suitable answer for the night. I know these questions can be easily answered (because I’ve answered them), but my answers aren’t just perfect enough for me. I repeat the whole rodeo until I fall asleep or get distracted by something else.


The questions below are the current noise in my head. Please feel free to answer any one of them for me.

Why do we have to work? A baby girl lifestyle seems so amazing.

Why do we crave something so bad/work so hard to achieve something but, we move on to something else immediately we get it?

Why do we choose people that don’t choose us and ignore the ones that want us? Cringe!!!

Why do we have to lose people we love? 🙁 miss you Mama

Why is it always really hard to move on?

Why do we expect people to treat us the same way we treat them?

Why do I need to hurt/be in pain to write the best poems? I love all my poems but my sad poems are always a hit.

Why is it hard for things to be easy?

Why does everything have to be one puzzle or the other?

I hope that one day, my answers will be good enough.

Mariam Shittu


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6 thoughts on “Questions That Keep Me Up At Night

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  1. I love this post. To answer your question on wanting someone that don’t want us, I’d use a personal experience. Most times when this happen to me, it means I’m just afraid of commitment at that point so I’m comfortable disguising with that illusion. Its really uncomfortable getting out of a comfort zone.

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  2. Amazing post, Weldone hun.
    However we have to work so we can appreciate ourselves at times because some of us who work so hard don’t know we can actually do all we do. May God make all easy for us🙏

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  3. I’m answering your first question with a question. What’s a baby girl lifestyle?

    Why do we choose people that don’t choose us and ignore the ones that want us?

    I have this problem and you might not like the answer I came up with. Because deep down we’re afraid to commit to a serious relationship.

    Why do we expect people to treat us the same way we treat them?

    Because if we didn’t then we’d be no better then the people who treat us badly.

    I’m really enjoying your posts x

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    1. Hello Elle,

      A girl living a babygirl lifestyle is a girl who lives her best life regardless of all the troubles in her life. She just wants to enjoy, relax and be taken care of. It’s a popular term we use here. In all honesty, I will never be content with that lifestyle though, I like that I work and do my own thing. It’s just nice to dream 😃

      I like the angle of your answer to the reason we don’t like the people who like us. I’ve never seen it that way before. However, it’s never been the case for me. I’m just against settling.

      I totally agree with your answer about our expectations to be treated same way. I’m happy to say that this question now has an answer.

      Thank you ❤️


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