Death Came A Second Time

Death came
a second time
and its been hard
really hard to live

Anger and busyness
were my previous coping mechanisms
but they refuse to work
this second time

I’ve heard all sorts
from all corners
since the news
became public knowledge

How are you
Are you okay
Be strong
You will be fine

Take care of your little sister
The dead has gone, you have to live
God is now your parent
Everything will be okay

I’m praying for you
You’ve lost weight
You need to eat
I will always be there for you

Talk to me
Make sure you eat
You should be with family
You will be fine

I want to come visit you
You won’t lack anything
Take all the time you need
Let me know if you need anything

I know they all mean well
and are only trying
to comfort me
but I wish this was all a dream

Mariam Shittu

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