Overcoming Laziness

Below are a few simple tips to aid in overcoming laziness; 1. Rest & Sleep 2. Keep A To-Do List 3. Plan 4. Remembering The Benefits 5. Remembering The Consequences 6. Self Talk

TRAVEL|My visit to Rock City 

If you are on my snapchat, you will know I visited Abeokuta, Ogun State for a friend's wedding last weekend. Abeokuta means under a stone literally or Rock City and just like the name implies, this city is covered with rocks. Abeokuta is an hour and forty-five minutes journey from Lagos State where I live.... Continue Reading →

STYLE|Workchic: Neon Yellow & Black

Before someone says it, I will say it again. Yes, I love black!!!! I found myself in yet another black outfit but this time I decided to add a very bright colour to the mix. This blouse is the perfect black work chic blouse and I've actually paired it with this skater skirt to work... Continue Reading →

A Few Things To Live By

We all need a daily reminder to keep us going in this life we live in. I have a few things I try to live by and I want to share them with the world. Here is what I hope for everyone out there; I hope you believe you have a purpose in life and... Continue Reading →

To My Fitbit

Hey, my purple companion I've had you since January 2016 It was a love hate relationship in the beginning But when I realized what you could do for me, it motivated me And I've been wearing you on my arm everyday since then I look at you too many times during the day And use... Continue Reading →

Time Passes By

Girl is beautiful and shy. Guy is good looking, confident on the outside but insecure on the inside. Guy meets Girl through his friends. Girl and Guy go on a double date with his friends. Girl and Guy talk on the phone all the time. Time passes by...

Places in Lagos| Hard Rock Cafe

I'm still a foodie so don't be deceived by my fitfam life. I struggle to eat healthy everyday and I wrote about my battle recently. I have a cheat day once a week when I can splurge and its mostly Sunday. I have been to Hard Rock Cafe Lagos several times but this was my first... Continue Reading →

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