Places in Lagos| Hard Rock Cafe

I’m still a foodie so don’t be deceived by my fitfam life. I struggle to eat healthy everyday and I wrote about my battle recently. I have a cheat day once a week when I can splurge and its mostly Sunday.

I have been to Hard Rock Cafe Lagos several times but this was my first time sitting by the beach front. I like that someone thought of sand filling the extension and having customers enjoy a view of the beach in pergolas while eating.

You can actually have a picnic at the beach but with food and drinks from either Hard Rock or Shiro though.

I was being adventurous so I ordered a cocktail from the hardcore category.

I decided to try the Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich. This burger was juicy till the very last bite.

I’ve been told by my friends a lot of times that I know all the good places to eat or hang in Lagos. Boy were they wrong. I really need to discover more places like this in Lagos.

It’s a great spot to chill with the boo or a group of friends. I had a very nice evening.

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