TRAVEL|My visit to Rock City 

If you are on my snapchat, you will know I visited Abeokuta, Ogun State for a friend’s wedding last weekend. Abeokuta means under a stone literally or Rock City and just like the name implies, this city is covered with rocks. Abeokuta is an hour and forty-five minutes journey from Lagos State where I live.

I got to Abeokuta on Friday afternoon and right on time (Thanks to Google Maps), checked in quickly at The Green Legacy Resort and went to her engagement straight away so I didn’t get a chance to explore.

However on Saturday morning before the wedding reception, my brother and I took a tour of the resort. The tour was more like a hike and we decided to stop after climbing the rock of inspiration because we were fasting.

The resort also has a wild life park and my brother was pretty excited to see the animals only to be told the park was still under construction. We saw donkeys, monkeys, camels, a fox and a lion at a glance though.

I got to take some photos and stayed at the top of the rock for a bit to appreciate nature.

Here, my brother was attempting to push a rock like he really could.

Until next time, see you soon Abeokuta.

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