Time Passes By

Girl is beautiful and shy.
Guy is good looking, confident on the outside but insecure on the inside.
Guy meets Girl through his friends.
Girl and Guy go on a double date with his friends.
Girl and Guy talk on the phone all the time.

Time passes by…

Girl starts falling for Guy.
Guy is being a guy and can’t see it.
Girl and Guy stop talking.
Girl goes into a relationship, Guy does the same.

Time passes by…

Girl is single, Guy is single.
Guy and Girl start talking again.
Girl and Guy run into each other in the club and share their first kiss.

Time passes by…

Girl and Guy talk off and on.
They talk about everything and nothing.
Guy and Girl have sex for the first time. It wasn’t magical as Girl thought it will be.
Girl and Guy keep talking but then drift apart.
Girl goes into a relationship, Guy does the same.

Time passes by…

Girl and Guy start talking again.
Girl is pushing for a relationship this time but Guy is still not sure about it.
Girl and Guy get really close and he feels comfortable taking Girl out as his plus one.
Guy’s friends ask him why he’s not with Girl officially.
Guy is too much of a guy to notice something good when he has it.
Girl is in too deep and cannot understand why Guy would not give the idea of them a chance.
Girl decides to let Guy be even though it is the hardest thing she has ever done.

Time passes by…

Girl falls in love with someone else and gets married.
Guy checks on Girl all the time and sometimes mentions how big a fool he was for not seeing what was in front of him all along.

The end.

Mariam Shittu

9 thoughts on “Time Passes By

  1. Just maybe girl and Guy weren’t meant to be, hence why the forces of love blinded him. Just maybe

  2. hmmnn happens all the time,everybody’s time is different regardless.nice piece

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