Overcoming Laziness

Are there times when you know you have things to do but your body just isn’t responding?….Really important things but you just feel so tired like you will drop dead if u get up. Or you procrastinate and keep procrastinating just because you can.

My dear, you are a lazy bun.

Laziness is the desire to be idle. It is an evil we all need to avoid. It makes us almost useless and incapable of doing what we are meant to do. In order to achieve our goals and live life, we must overcome laziness. Below are a few simple tips to aid in overcoming laziness;

1. Rest & Sleep: When we do not rest or get enough sleep, we tend to get lazy when we ought to do things. So give your body all the rest it needs to function properly. Get at least 6-8 hours of sleep and more during the weekends. Also, take a breather and take things easy.

2. Keep A To-Do List: I work with lists- packing, unpacking, shopping, work tasks etc. This is what keeps me going. When you keep staring at the list of things you need to do that you haven’t done, you will be encouraged to cross some items off your list.

3. Plan: Draw up a plan on how you want to get things done. You can decide to break a task into smaller tasks which makes it easier for you start. When you write how you intend to do something, it makes you visualize the end result and motivates you to get it done.

4. Remembering The Benefits: Atimes, we need a reminder as to why we have to do what we are meant to do. When you remember how attractive or important the end goal is, you snap out of the lazy mood quickly.

5. Remembering The Consequences: Other times, you need to remember what will happen if you don’t do what you ought to do. Thinking about the things you may lose can push you to take action.

6. Self Talk: The way you talk to yourself matters the most. You can talk yourself into or out of laziness. Give yourself some pep talk to pick you up “I can do this now”, “get up”, “it will only take an hour”. This can help swing you back to life.

So whenever you feel reluctant to do something, remember these tips and give yourself the push it needs.

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