To My Fitbit

Hey, my purple companion

I’ve had you since January 2016

It was a love hate relationship in the beginning

But when I realized what you could do for me, it motivated me

And I’ve been wearing you on my arm everyday since then

I look at you too many times during the day

And use you to check the time even when I have a wristwatch on

I love how you count my steps, calories and monitor my sleep

And when you vibrate when I hit 10,000 steps

You are always with me

Helping me, pushing me, encouraging me

Awarding me badges and trophies for my achievements

And waking me up from sleep when I have a phone call which I don’t like very much

You’ve made me active, lose weight and love exercise

You’ve made me a better version of me

If I go a day without you on my arm, I feel like a part of me is missing

I can’t imagine life without you or a version of you.

Thank you

Love always.

Mariam Shittu


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