Be True To You

Sometimes, it’s best to speak up. Sometimes, it’s best to be quiet. Sometimes, it’s best to hold on. Sometimes, it’s best to let go.

The Power of NO

When was the last time you said NO? NO, as short and as simple as the word is, is one of the most powerful words to use. At a young age, we are taught to say "YES" when we agree with something and "NO" when we don't. Yet, we often put ourselves in situations we don't want to be in just because we do not want to say no.

POEM| Anxiety

It’s happening again squirming all over me I start with shaking my legs pacing up and down then I begin to pick dirt from my nails with my thumbnail

TRAVEL| 10 Fun Or Not Facts About Mauritius

I spent five days exploring the island of Mauritius while staying at the Radisson Blu Azuri Resort & Spa. Mauritius is a volcanic island located in the eastern part of Africa. Yes Africa, isn’t that something?  It’s famous for its beautiful white sand beaches and coral reefs.

POEM| 3am Thoughts

Have you ever thought of putting a pistol in your mouth? 
I won’t lie  
I’ve thought about holding a gun 
a bit too much 
I should probably tell someone

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