POEM| Anxiety

It’s happening again
squirming all over me
I start with shaking my legs
pacing up and down
then I begin to pick dirt
from my nails with my thumbnail
and think of a million outcomes
to judge my present situation
and how things could go wrong
my mind is crowded with thoughts
rest and sleep are not on the table
I dabble into unconsciousness
and get lost in oblivion
ignoring the present

Mariam Shittu

One thought on “POEM| Anxiety

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  1. Nebulous natures, some disheartening
    The garments woven with heartstrings
    Wear this until the upgrade in panoply
    Untrusting, can you please tell me
    A difference in shadows and sunrays?

    Surface and submergence, unforgiving
    Perpetual motion, obsessive compulsion
    Contortionist in and to a shade mahogany
    Anxiety weighing heavily on sore knees

    A glimpse of reality ripples to tidal waves
    Turned off the t.v, seems like a one way
    Into the abyss fiery of a face you’ve no name
    Doubled over forms a link in a event chained
    Pain feels like a power motivator for anything

    Between angelic and demonic themes
    Twain the vessel possessing both frames
    Constructing spire and mires in one brain
    All before I’ve written just one thing

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