IWD 2019; Short Poems For Women

In honor of international women’s day and women’s history month, I wrote six short poems about/for women and I compiled them in this post.


Girl, you can do more than you know.
So go ahead and climb that mountain.
Don’t stay on the ground, go to the moon.
Break that record, challenge their words.
Be bold and change the world.


tell her she looks hot naked
tell her she makes you a better person
tell her she looks beautiful without makeup on
tell her she’s as precious as the air you breathe
tell her your life won’t be complete if she wasn’t in it


teach her to fight
teach her to work hard
teach her to speak up
teach her to be brave
teach her to be resilient
before life makes her learn the hard way


She dreams of rainbows on sunny days
and massages on stressful days.
She dreams of pure joy on sad days
and true love on lonely days.
She dreams of fulfilling her purpose
and achieving greatness everyday.


If you ask me one thing I love most about her,
I will choose her smile because it has the power
to make everything okay


How long are you going to wait for
till you realize he’s not worth waiting for?
How many times are you going to forgive him
till you realize he will never change?

I’m proud to be a woman. Are you?

Mariam Shittu


4 thoughts on “IWD 2019; Short Poems For Women

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  1. Yeah! Every women wants to be told how beautiful she is, not that she seeks validation or doesn’t know but it’s just nice when the partner throws some compliments same applies to men because men feels nice when he helps his women out so to all women out there just let your men do things for you and help you out even if you don’t need help…

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