The Truth About Life

Life is a fragile journey and its end is uncertain. There’s a chance you may not make it every single day; You leave the house and may never get back in. You get in a car and you may never come out of it alive.

5 Easy Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block

Have you been trying to write but the words just won’t come out? You’ve been staring at your PC but it’s been a blank page for two hours and you just can’t come up with the words. Don’t worry too much, every writer gets stuck once in a while.

POEM| A Smile

See, I have a smile on my face but it’s not really a smile This is my smiley face my alter-ego the one I switch to so I’m not told to smile


Sometimes I wonder 
if I’m a burden 
if I’m fulfilling a purpose 
if I’m barely existing not living 
if I shouldn’t have quit that job 
or turned down that offer 
if I shouldn’t have used those words


A loud bang and glass shattered all around me. “Not again” was the first thought that came to my head. I was in shock but only for a millisecond this time. I grabbed my bag from the floor, held on tight to my phone, turned my back towards them and told my brother to drive.

Embrace Growth

Has part of your nail ever broken and you try to protect it from breaking any further? Then you treat your finger like an egg to protect the nail. Is it so that maybe it won't keep breaking or you think that by some form of magic it won’t be broken anymore??

If We Were Having Tea #3

If we were having tea, I’ll have the biggest smile on my face because it’ll be a dream come true. I’ll take lots of photos to remember this moment and keep them close to me forever. I’ll then hold your hand in mine and tell you everything that has happened since you’ve been away.

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